Sentag for increased safety

Automatic detection of drowning - if swimmer is too deep too long an alarm is triggered

Senses drowning individually

Every swimmer wearing a Sentag is monitored individually and if drowning occurs an alarm is triggered

No impact on normal swimming

The Sentag is light and convenient and doesn't fall off or hinder your swimming. It is also your key to the facilities.

One wristband - Many functions

The Sentag serves as key to the locker in the dressing room, credit card in the café in addition to life saving by alerting life guard in case of drowning.

Swimmers are monitored through Sentags, wristbands with sensors, worn at all times in the swimming facility. Sensitive receivers in the pool raises an alarm if a potential drowning is taking place.

Sentags Pool Saftey System for Drowning Detection is easy to install in new and existing swimming pools. 

Sentag innovative weareable safety technology allows for immediate rescue in case of drowning thereby reducing the overall rescue time. It gives the clients the ultimate safety and the swimming pool operators get a positive safety image.