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Product Overview

A Sentag System can monitor one or many pools, have additional safety and emergency buttons strategically positioned in dressing rooms, saunas and Jacuzzis and have a wide range of external alarm devices such as sirens beacons and radios to call for staff attention for rescue or help. During an initial risk assessment the required level of protection and actions is determined and from there the system design can be completed based on available components.

The Control Unit holds the logic for alarm presentation and is located in the server room or office.

Sentags are wristbands worn by all guests and has a sensor that measures depth and time and is triggered when a drowning incident is present. It is combined with RFID tags for lockers, gates and vending machines.

The pool is equipped with Sentag sensors communicating with the Sentags for best possible performance, The Sentag sensors can be installed in existing light pot.

Sentag Wall Unit with display and keyboard for interaction with the Sentag system has a sleek look and is presenting the status of the system and any possible incident.

The Sentags can and should be tested regularly; this is done in a few seconds with Sentag Wristband tester. It can be customised to fit in your reception area.

Alarm buttons for manual triggering of the system are placed in strategic locations such as saunas and water slides.

The Sentag system also consists of various alarm devices such as external light and sounds and Walkie Talkies to call for lifeguard attention and CCTV cameras for documenting events.

In addition a variety of add-ons for increased service and profitability are available such as entrance gates, lockers, ticket and vending machines and cash less payments.

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