A Sentag System can monitor one or many pools, have additional safety and emergency buttons strategically positioned in dressing rooms, saunas and Jacuzzis and have a wide range of external alarm devices such as sirens beacons and radios to call for staff attention for rescue or help. During an initial risk assessment the required level of protection and actions is determined and from there the system design can be completed based on available components.

CU NetworkSentag Control Unit

The Control Unit holds the logic for alarm presentation and is located in the server room or office. 


sentag wristband 150x150Sentags 

Sentags are wristbands worn by all guests and has a sensor that measures depth and time and is triggered when a drowning incident is present. It is combined with RFID tags for lockers, gates and vending machines.


sentag control unit 150x150Sentag Wall Unit

Sentag Wall Unit with display and keyboard for interaction with the Sentag system has a sleek look and is presenting the status of the system and any possible incident.


sentag sensor 150x150Sentag Pool Sensor

The pool is equipped with Sentag sensors communicating with the Sentags for best possible performance, The Sentag sensors can be installed in existing light pot.


sentag wristband tester 150x150Sentag Wristband Tester

The Sentags can and should be tested regularly; this is done in a few seconds with Sentag Wristband tester. It can be customised to fit in your reception area.


sentag manual alarm 150x150Sentag Alarm Button

Alarm buttons for manual triggering of the system are placed in strategic locations such as saunas and water slides.




The Sentag system also consists of various alarm devices such as external light and sounds and Walkie Talkies to call for lifeguard attention and CCTV cameras for documenting events.

In addition a variety of add-ons for increased service and profitability are available such as entrance gates, lockers, ticket and vending machines and cash less payments.



sentag light sound siren 300x250Sentag Drowning Detection System has several external outputs that can activate light and sound sirens for extended alerts or for zone specific alerts.

It can be equipped with an unlimited number of external devices. There are 20 open relay connectors available for any type of electril control. Even attractions, can be controlled by a 16 A capable relay.







cctv 300x300When the Sentag system receives an alarm it can automatically trigger the start of video surveillance at the specific poolarea. By this set-up no personal integrity is at risk since recording only takes place during an alarm. The system can be set to record a certain time before and after the alarm. This allows the operator to see the reason causing the incident and the response from the emergency team.

It stores valuable information for future analysis and can also be a tool for ongoing lifeguard training and evaluation.






walkie talkie 300x300A walkie-talkie equipped Sentag System gives the operator quickest possible alert in a situation where every second is important.

When an alarm is triggered the handheld device will instantly alert by light, sound and display text or voice information of which pool that needs immediate attention. Through the 2-way communication staff can be organsised and guided to the correct location.

Radios can also be used to alert the public emergency (112/911) services.







sentag manual alarm 300x300Not all accidents take place in the water or at the pool side but still should call for immediate attention by life guards or staff.

To allow guests and staff to manually trigger an alarm the Sentag System is equipped with manual pushbuttons at strategic locations. The buttons can be be configured freely to trigger separate alarms in order to call for separate actions, not to confuse with drowning.

An example is to have several buttons close to the waterslide configured in a separate alarm zone which activates a walkie-talkie alarm and the emergency stop of the waterslide.







sentag wristband tester 300x213Sentag Wristband Tester act as a safety seal to the system and since it allows the operator to verify the Sentags before handing them out the to the guest or filling up the dispenser machine for automatic hand-out.

If the tester shows a green light the wristband is OK and if shown a red light the wristband should be taken out fof operation. The procedure takes only a few seconds and is an extra level of safety in addition to the built in functions.

The Wristband Tester comes in a stand-alone box or can be built into the reception desk or put on the wall in the pool area as self-service for guests.




sentag sensor 300x291The Sentag Pool Sensors are the ears of the system. Positioned on strategic places in the pool it tirelessly monitors the pool and listens for signal from wristbands.

The box with sensitive electronics is situated in the service area outside the pool and is connected to the Control Unit with a data communication bus that can be run hundreds of meters without any risk for loss of data. 

The Sentag Pool Sensors are easy to install in new and existing pools and does not affect the daily operation.

The number of Sentag Pool Sensors required is determined by the size and shape of the pool in conjunction with the type and numbers of water attractions.





CU NetworkThe Sentag Control Unit is housed in a 19" 1U box with a easy to use webbased graphical interface. 

The Control Unit receive drowning alarms from Sensor Units positioned in the pools and safety alarms from buttons connected to the Sensor Units or the Control Unit.

Required attention is obtained by grouping the Sensors and manual buttons in Alarm Groups in such a way that staff understands where the incident is taking place and what actions are required.
Since there are several sensors in each pool it is possible to group the sensors in one pool into one Alarm Group with a descriptive name. In case of alarm the name of the Alarm Group is shown on the Wall Unit display.

Additional alarm devices such as two-way radios, pagers, DECT-telephones, sirens and lights can be connected. For additional relay outputs there is an optional Relay Unit available.

The control unit is used to manage and administer, users, operational settings (like open hours), system settings (like network and time), devices, alarm groups and alarm logs.
The web interface is easy to use through any modern browser.

sentag control unit 300x300

The Sentag Wall Unit is used to display status and alarms.

In case of alarm, the Wall Unit will display the name of Alarm Group. The alarm can be muted (all alarms that relate to this alarm group are cleared) with a PIN and when the reason for alarm is cleared (swimmer rescued) the Alarm Group can be reset and is ready for new alarm. In the meantime, all other Alarm Groups remain active.

The lifeguards have a personal PIN for Muting and Resetting to avoid unauthorised use of the system. All actions are logged with time and user name in the Control Unit.

When several Wall Units are installed they can be configured to support different Alarm Groups. This is useful to avoid unnecessary concern in an unrelated pool or area.

By installing the Wall Unit close to the pool where it can be seen, the pool operator signals that the facility has an extra layer of protection to help the lifeguards. It also force staff to attend the physical location in order to mute and reset the system, and of course to rescue if a person is in danger.