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Sentag Control Unit

The Sentag Control Unit is housed in a 19″ 1U box with a easy to use webbased graphical interface.

The Control Unit receive drowning alarms from Sensor Units positioned in the pools and safety alarms from buttons connected to the Sensor Units or the Control Unit.

Required attention is obtained by grouping the Sensors and manual buttons in Alarm Groups in such a way that staff understands where the incident is taking place and what actions are required.
Since there are several sensors in each pool it is possible to group the sensors in one pool into one Alarm Group with a descriptive name. In case of alarm the name of the Alarm Group is shown on the Wall Unit display.

Additional alarm devices such as two-way radios, pagers, DECT-telephones, sirens and lights can be connected. For additional relay outputs there is an optional Relay Unit available.

The control unit is used to manage and administer, users, operational settings (like open hours), system settings (like network and time), devices, alarm groups and alarm logs.
The web interface is easy to use through any modern browser.

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