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Sentag Control Unit

The Sentag Wall Unit is used to display status and alarms.

In case of alarm, the Wall Unit will display the name of Alarm Group. The alarm can be muted (all alarms that relate to this alarm group are cleared) with a PIN and when the reason for alarm is cleared (swimmer rescued) the Alarm Group can be reset and is ready for new alarm. In the meantime, all other Alarm Groups remain active.

The lifeguards have a personal PIN for Muting and Resetting to avoid unauthorised use of the system. All actions are logged with time and user name in the Control Unit.

When several Wall Units are installed they can be configured to support different Alarm Groups. This is useful to avoid unnecessary concern in an unrelated pool or area.

By installing the Wall Unit close to the pool where it can be seen, the pool operator signals that the facility has an extra layer of protection to help the lifeguards. It also force staff to attend the physical location in order to mute and reset the system, and of course to rescue if a person is in danger.

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