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Sentags, the personal lifeguard

The Sentag is a wristband acting as the personal life guard. It measures the depth by monitoring the water pressure and takes the time the user has been below a certain level. If the alarm criteria is met a signal is sent out and detected by the Sentag Pool Sensor and after evaluation passed on to the Control Unit and presented on the Wall Unit and other configured devices. The life guard receives an alarm that indicates which pool area that needs immediate attention.

In this way the Sentag extends the supervision of the life guard.

The Sentag is battery powered with a long life battery and need no charging or other maintenance. It is equipped with a RFID tag with a logo of your choise, comes in different colors and several sizes to fit all. A weekly or daily operational test can be performed with the Sentag Wristband Tester and takes only 2-3 seconds.

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