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Solutions: One wristband - many functions!

Sentags are equipped with a RFID tag that allows for integration with other systems. This RFID solution makes the wristband a personal “key” to all important access within the facility.

Sentags as an entrance ticket

Guests can easily buy their ticket and get a Sentag (wristband) at the reception or even buy the ticket and get the wristband automatically from a dispensing machine so they can quickly enter the facility.

  • Flexible purchase of tickets
  • Reduces personnel hours for operators
  • Possibility to include a member chip into the Sentag wristband

Automatic Sentag hand-out and entrance

The Sentag can be automatically obtained through a dispensing machine that allows the guest to enter through a turnstile or other entrance gate without having to stand in a queue at the reception.

  • Quick entrance to facility
  • Reduces personnel hours for operators

Locker access

The Sentag is also a “key” for lockers and safety deposit boxes.

  • Less wear and maintenance on lockers without padlocks and metal keys
  • Reduced risk of theft – no padlocks to cut
  • Easy replacement of lost wristbands

Cashless payments

The Sentag can be used for electronic payments of food, drinks and other services within the facility

  • Increased concession sales, easy to purchase add-on items
  • Reduces guest traffic in dressing rooms; no need to get cash

Area access

The Sentag is the “key” to doors, preprogrammed with specific user-access to various areas inside a facility such as Sauna, Relax, Spa and other areas.

  • Easy door-access
  • Easy access management
  • Reduced cost for lost keys and their replacements

Drowning Detection – Keeps your pool safe

Parents and lifeguards can get distracted and a drowning incident happens quickly, silently and undetected. Reducing the time before a drowning incident is identified is of utmost importance!
The Sentag wristband is a personal safety device inside a facility. It keeps track of guests while swimming or playing in the pool and if a user stays too deep for too long the Sentag Drowning Detection system will immediately alert lifeguards!

  • Acts as an extra level of safety if lifeguards and regular safetyprocedures fails.
  • Makes sure an alert is raised if an incident is not spotted by lifeguards and parents.
  • Shows that a pool operator is willing to invest in safety.
  • No swimmer will be left unnoticed

Collection of wristbands

When leaving the facility all Sentags are automatically collected in the wristband retention unit before allowing guests to exit.

  • Flexible guest exit
  • Reduced personnel cost for pool operator
  • No missing wristbands