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SATS ELIXIA Röa Bad equipped with Sentag

”We will make the Nordic people healthier and happier” – is the vision of SATS ELIXIA, the biggest fitness chain in the Nordics, and they could also add SAFER to their vision!

During late spring of 2015, SATS ELIXIA opened the doors to one of their newest facility ”ELIXIA Röa Bad” located on the beautiful hills above Oslo, the capital of Norway. One of a few facilities in the Nordics where SATS ELIXIA operate pools, and the first one where they operate a Sentag system.

At ”Röa Bad” Sentag surveilles three separate pool areas with 2000 Sentags. In addition the Sentag system is connected to light and sound sirens, walki-talkies, cameras and the facilities internal RFID access solution for additional functions.

All members at Röa Bad are given a Sentag wristband that allows access to the poolarea and to use as a personal key for lockers. Day visitors are automatically issued a Sentag after buying a ticket in a vending machine positioned at the entrance. At the exit, all wristbands are automaticalkly collected in a retention unit before gates are opened permitting the guest to leave the facility.

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